I'm Robyn, a student studying Creative Media and Game Technologies in Enschede, The Netherlands.
I'm currently following the designer route in the course. I hope to expand my knowledge on UX/UI design, web design, web development and graphic design.
Robyn Jennison
Enschede, The Netherlands
Creative Media and Game Technologies 
Aspiring UX/UI designer and web designer
I enjoy making interfaces that are
easy to use and aesthetically pleasing
Interests in: 
Web design | Web development | UX/UI design | Graphic design

Featured Work

UX/UI Project

I had to find a website with hardly UX/UI principles applied and improve it using the principles

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The Cults Clutch

In this project we had to work in Groups and make a 2D adventure game

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Personal email: robyn.jennison@icloud.com
School email: 537848@student.saxion.nl
Phone number: 31 614101831
Linkedin: Robyn Jennison
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