In this project we had to create an arcade game, with a control panel. For this our teams were split like the other projects, so with 2 engineers, artists and designers.
At first we were going to make a spaceship racing game but as the engineers were trying to programĀ it they realised it was too complex. So the other designer and I put together some new concepts and showed them to the group. We then decided to change the theme to a spaceship shooting game.
The goal now was that you had to protect your planet, which was in the middle of the screen. Other spaceships would come in waves and try to reach the planet. If they did then the planet would receive damage.
My job in this project was to think of pick-up abilities and I put together the control panel. I was also in charge of the planning and keeping track of the hour log.
I learned a lot during this projects because we had to change our plan pretty late. This taught me to be flexible and to make sure I keep communicating with the other group members

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